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Merge process for Elliott


Hey all!

Just wanted to write a quick note about how bugfixes/merges work on the
stable elliott branch, now that we have a stable branch to maintain in
addition to trunk.

It goes like this- if a bug needs to be addressed in elliott:

branch from lp:drizzle/eliott
fix the bug, commit, push to launchpad

Propose a merge into lp:drizzle/elliott

>From that point, once the branch has been approved, the merge process
will be:

Merge captain merges that branch and pushes it to lp:drizzle/elliott-build
Jenkins runs build tests on it
Pushes to lp:drizzle/elliott-staging
Jenkins runs staging tests
Pushes to lp:drizzle/elliott

At that point, the merge captain will queue lp:drizzle/elliott to be
merged into lp:drizzle