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Updating replication docs


Just FYI to everyone: I'm in the process of updating the replication documentation which is currently wrong due to https://code.launchpad.net/~fallenpegasus/drizzle/multimaster/+merge/67103.  This means that the examples in the docu don't work, nor do the example given by http://dshrewsbury.blogspot.com/2011/03/simple-drizzle-replication-example.html and http://www.learningdrizzle.com/?p=97 because the slave plugin is multi-master which requires [masterN] headers in slave.cfg.  I was puzzled why slave wasn't working this morning, stopping Drizzle from starting with this cryptic error message: "what():  unknown option master-host", extremely cryptic because "master-host" is correct.  I had to look at the config filed used by slave tests to see that "[master1]" is now required.

Also, talking with Monty this morning I realized more clearly the relationship between http://docs.drizzle.org/plugins/slave/index.html and http://docs.drizzle.org/replication/drizzle.html which, as two separate entities, is probably confusing to users (it's been confusing to me).  Therefore, I'm going to rewrite docs/replication/*.


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