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Re: Fwd: Python 3 porting


Hi Nicklas,

On Wed, Oct 15, 2014 at 11:12:06AM +0200, Nicklas Börjesson wrote:
> However, I am using Python 3, and I am wondering about the status of the
> Python 3-port, it seems that some work has been done, and that not *that*
> much seem to be left until there is something ready to release, am I right?
The python 3 port still needs a lot of work. Gary has been working on it
recently and has a work in progress branch. Gary, what's the current status?

> Is there an updated TODO, a backlog of ways to contribute to the project?
> If that would turn out to be out of my depth, perhaps either of you would
> accept sponsoring?
Help on the python3 port would be great; see the mailing list archives for
some previous discussion about it, including state.

See also the bug tracker on GitHub for some open issues.