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[Question #656947]: restoring metadata from amazon glacier


New question #656947 on Duplicity:

When doing a "collection-status", duplicity does a sync_archive and if files are not local, it copies them from remote.
If the backend is amazon s3 and the files have been migrated to Glacier, duplicity restores the files one by one and has to wait for each file for hours to go from glacier to S3. So if the restore needs 6 hours and there are 50 files, this needs 300 hours. It would be better if the restore is triggered for all files and the wait is done afterwards.

Looking into the code I find the following in duplicity in function sync_archive around line 1185:
            if hasattr(globals.backend, 'pre_process_download'):
This would be a good place for the backend to initiate the restore of all files.
But the test "hasattr(globals.backend, 'pre_process_download')" is not true. I think this is because the backend is a duplicity.backend.BackendWrapper.

Also I see that "local_missing" is a list of files, whereas the function "def pre_process_download(self, remote_filename, wait=False)" in _boto_single expects a single filename, not a list.

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