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Re: [Question #656947]: restoring metadata from amazon glacier


Question #656947 on Duplicity changed:

Martin posted a new comment:
Also I have found the following problem:
_boto_single assumes that objects in class "GLACIER" cannot be downloaded ("if key.storage_class == "GLACIER":").
This is not true.
http://docs.aws.amazon.com/AmazonS3/latest/dev/restoring-objects.html states:
        After you receive a temporary copy of the restored object, the object's storage class remains GLACIER 
        (a GET or HEAD request will return GLACIER as the storage class). 
So it is not a good idea to force objects back to S3.

The correct way for _boto_single.pre_process_download to do it:

if key.storage_class == "GLACIER":
  if key.ongoing_restore: wait or ignore
  else if key.expiry_date: restore finished, temp copy available
  else key.restore(days=2)

 See also http://boto.cloudhackers.com/en/latest/s3_tut.html

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