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[Question #659529]: --gpg-options unused with some commands


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I'm not firing a bug because I have the doubt that this could be the programmer's expected behavior, or this could be a RFC instead of a bug.

If I pass --gpg-options to duplicity commands that don't do an encryption/decryption, these args never reach gpg command.

I found this behavior in a own-maked duplicity script, where before do an encryption I issue a cleanup command like this:

duplicity cleanup --gpg-options="--no-permission-warning" --force $TARGET_DIR

I want to pass --no-permission-warning to gpg because this script is executed by cron every day (so it is run as root user) to backup some folders of johndoe's home: in this case, without this flag, gpg complains with "gpg: WARNING: unsafe ownership on homedir" message.

I'm not a python expert, but as far as I can see this message comes out from command to get mayor version of gpg (class GPGProfile, method get_gpg_major() in file gpg.py).

What do you think about this?
Thanks in advance


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