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[Granite] First release (dicussion)



We need to discuss about the first release of granite. What do we want in it?

I personally think all main features are here now, remaining points are:

- Better contractor integration: we have a stub of methods for that, but we may need some widgets, some docs, etc...

- PopOvers debugging: I think there is not a lot of bugs for the popovers, excepted the bug of double PopOvers (if you try to put a popover in a popover, it behaves oddly). API checks are needed here too. And non-compositing detection (to fallback to a basic dialog).

- Introduce a Granite.Init function? It might be needed in the future, so, having it now may be better. It could be used to detect the compositing for instance, or whatever.

- License changes: do we want to switch to a LGPL base?

We need this first release *before* Luna to be sure to have well tested packages of it, and to force us to freeze the api for the 0.2.x branch. And it might be useful if some distributions want to put one of our apps in their repo (I can't see Debian or Fedora putting a snapshot of our trunk in their package). And it would be reassuring for developers to have a fixed basis.