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[Blueprint developer-guide] elementary developer guide


Blueprint changed by Sergey Davidoff:

Whiteboard changed:
  Work-in-progress version available at http://tiny.cc/dev-guide-draft
  Remaining work items:
   * Provide the SDK setup guide (adding PPA, installing Granite, GTK, etc), recommend a code editor
   * Provide a CMake template and list only the required changes to it in the beginning, move detailed explanation of it to the end (~tom95)
   * Decide if links to official docs or other tutorials should be in the end of the relevant section or in the end of the doc
   * Revise some code snippets to conform Coding Style (get rid of "using" statements)
   * Provide some GTK+ links, especially link to an introduction to its box model
+ <timorei> I mean, it's impressive to get to a building, installing,
+ running, launchpad hosted project that quickly - but "now what?"

elementary developer guide