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Zeitgeist Ordering for Contractor


Hi everyone,

Would it be possible to utilize Zeitgeist for arranging items in Contractor
menus? It could be on a per-app or even per-filetype basis and would put
the items I'm most likely to use at the top.

Another thing to at least think about is possibly intelligently choosing
the app/contract most likely to be used and displaying it more prominently.
Android does this in the Gallery app and it's very nifty (see attached
screenshots: I most often use Messaging to send pictures, with Google+
coming in a close second; notice how that's how Android orders the list).

Another thing to look at is how Android prevents clutter by tucking less-
or never-used items behind a "See all..." item. While I don't think we need
to do that (we have much more space to display things on a larger display),
it's nifty.

Let me know your thoughts,
Cassidy James