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Re: LibVTE security issue


Well, if you code something better than vte, we may consider it ;)

Without joking, if all terminal emulators have the problems, we can't really do anything. Anyway, the regular user is not supposed to use it. And for the "security" issue, it is only a problem if you print a password on the screen, or a secret key. It is dangerous to keep your ssh keys on your computer too. And I'm not even speaking about the risk that someone look at your fingers when you type something with your keyboard.

Let's hope we'll have mind recognition for Luna, it is the only safe way I see :P

So, yes, it is a problem, but well, if someone stole your computer, the files that aren't written on the disk anymore are not the first problem (like I said, he has access to all your ssh keys, data, etc... if your home is not crypted).

And what can we have instead of libvte? (real question, I'm not aware of any other library?)


Le 07/03/2012 15:47, David Gomes a écrit :
Hey guys:


This is a very urgent problem with Vte, if it isn't fixed until Luna, we can't have Pantheon Terminal based on it. Other problems are its bad search functions. As I said, Vte is really bad.

David Gomes

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