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Fwd: Is Synapse Launcher Dead ?


I guess this belongs to the list.

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From: Emre Ener <ihatememberships@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: 2012/4/30
Subject: Is Synapse Launcher Dead ?
To: victoreduardm@xxxxxxxxx, davidrafagomes@xxxxxxxxx, Shnatsel@xxxxxxxxx,
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Hello, i started using ubuntu and synapse a little while ago. i learned the
program synapse. i was very happy with it and i wanted to give some idea to
synapse team. i wrote my idea at the launchpad page, but no one replyed. i
found one of the main developer from his personal blog and he answered me
on launchpad and he said "I'm really sorry but we are both busy with our
jobs, so at the moment we are no more active on Synapse." you can see it
from here.

im very sad about that project is practically dead. no bug fixes, no
updates, no new releases..

can you guys make something about this ? maybe some of you or friends of
you would like to continue to this project.i saw some of the elementary
developers using synapse. also synapse written in vala, just like
elementery apps. maybe you can include synapse launcher to elementery os
luna ?

thank you, best of luck.

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