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Re: Taking Back Marlin


I agree with the taking back the code, but I think that rebranding it to something as generic as "Files" will de-brand the project completaly. Personally I think generic names (like "dock", "files", "music") are mad for applications. The most important parts of Pantheon have a unique brand: wingpanel, plank, switchboard, noise (UGH!), slingshot, etc.... The only app that does not have a so unique brand is Pantheon Terminal. Why debrand Marlin like that? Why don't we proprose and vote on a unique name? Why don't we just rename it to Tunafish? (ok, I'm joking here!)

Just my opinion.

Best regards,

Andre Santos

On 06-05-2012 21:30, Daniel Foré wrote:
Hey guys,

as I'm sure you're well aware, am monkey has decided to stop working on Marlin. As you may also be aware, I asked him if we could have the LP project back. He never responded. So we decided that we're not waiting anymore, we're just gonna take it back finally.


So boom there we go. We took it back.

Best Regards,

Daniel Foré

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