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Re: Pantheon Terminal 0.1 is ready (?)


Hi Mario,

I don't experience any bugs with it anymore, but I do have some complains
that will probably be considered a feature request this late in the cycle.

Here's how it looks with elementary theme v3.2-0~520:
I'm not sure if it's a theming or application issue, but I can't use an app
with such look & feel on a daily basis.

In addition, tabs are created on the far right, not on the left of the tab
bar as I'd expect Granite's dynamic notebook to behave. Last time I checked
the whole point of placing "new tab" button on the left was in opening new
tabs also on the left so that tabs are arranged by creation time in the
natural LTR reading order. Granite demo also creates new tabs on the far
right, so I guess it's a DynamicNotebook issue (or I'm just not up to speed
with the latest design).

Sergey "Shnatsel" Davidoff

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