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Luna Update


Hey everyone,

Another Luna update! We're SOOO close. As always, the list is here:

Firstly, I'd like to thank everyone for their hard work and send out a
gentle reminder not to reach too far. We're working towards a *beta*
milestone. Everything that is essential should be targeted already. Don't
let anyone pressure you into targeted new features. Let's get the big
blocking bugs knocked out so we can move to the next stage. We've already
planned to do a Beta2 milestone and remember that we can always push out
new features mid-Luna+1-cycle as well.

   - *Contractor* has 4 bugs
   - *Files* has 5 bugs
   - *Gala* has 2 bugs
   - *Granite *has 6 bugs
   - *Maya* has 3 bugs
   - *Noise* has 12 bugs
   - *LibPantheon* has 1 bug
   - *Pantheon Greeter* has 6 bugs
   - *Slingshot* has 8 bugs
   - *Switchboard* has 4 bugs
   - *Wingpanel *has 1 bug

If your project is not listed here, that means you have 0 bugs targeted to
the Luna Beta1 milestone! I'm sure developers from the above projects would
really appreciate it if you would take time to help them achieve their
goals for Luna Beta1.

Thanks again everyone!

Best Regards,

Daniel Foré


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