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cronopete PPA


Hi all:

I built a PPA for cronopete, my backup utility, to allow people to test
it under Elementary. It is:


It works quite fine, but I still want to add some changes, like trigger
a notify-reboot after installing. I tried to do it by calling
/usr/share/update-notifier/notify-reboot-required from postinst script,
but didn't work. Can someone help me with it?

By the way, I also want to discuss possible changes to adapt it more to
the Elementary philosophy. Example: if it's still unconfigured, should
it detect each time a new external drive is connected and offer to use
it as backup drive?

Nos leemos
		         RASTER    (Linux user #228804)
raster@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx              http://www.rastersoft.com

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