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Re: Dev hangout


I am really disappointed this didn't happen this weekend.  Of course, I am one of the people who just couldn't make it, but we really need to get this in gear as we close in on a Beta release.

Do we need to try to find a different day, or is it just too much to ask of the developers to talk in an open forum like that?  Would it be better to find a day where a specific core group can make it for sure?  Perhaps that way we can work around a smaller group of schedules (Daniel, Cody, and one or two others).

Any ideas?

On Thu, Oct 18, 2012 at 4:13 PM, Sam Tate <s@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Are we doing another one? The first one was pretty successful, and while a second one was planned, it ended up being about 2 or 3 people before I had to cancel it.
Reply if you would want to be involved with #2 - there's a lot to focus on about the release and that :)

Sam Tate

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