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Luna launch video


So have we decided how to make the luna launch video yet?

I suggest we do something similar to this:

It's a good compromise between people speaking and actual screenshots of
the OS.

I also think this is much much better than apple promotion videos with
people talking in front of white backgrounds. If you look at the
backgrounds in this video, you'll notice how they are all warm and colorful
and welcoming, not cold and formal like apple promotion videos.

This can be easily done. If someone has DSLR, then it's not a problem. If
we need one, the best option is to buy a factory demo micro four-thirds
camera like the E-PL1 that costs around $200. Then, buy a prime 50mm manual
focus fixed lens from Ebay for $50, and this blurred background can be

As for music, I suggest this:

Also, check out this commercial:
It's absolutely stunning. Obviously we won't be able to make something like
that, but it's a good inspiration.


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