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Fwd: Startup Applications


I believe this belongs to the list.

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From: Eduard Gotwig <gotwig@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 2012/11/18
Subject: Startup Applications
To: Sergey Shnatsel Davidoff <sergey@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>


I currently see that there is no plug for Startup Applications, but
rather there is a window poping out.

I know that we had a startup applications plug in the past, so I ask
why do we use now this not embedded solution.

Implementing something good, wouldnt take too long.

I would like to see, adding applications easly by their .desktop
files, like in privacy plug.

Like to hear from you, you can forward this to the dev community mailing list.


Eduard Gotwig
Tiu persono estas oni Esperantiston.

Ubuntu & TZM Member
FLOSS Dev @ Launchpad

Sergey "Shnatsel" Davidoff
OS architect @ elementary

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