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Re: Fwd: Elementary's experiences with Vala


Vala's memory management extremely simplifies writing software without
imposing the big penalty of a garbage collector. This, and the several
syntax sugar for things like DBus, allows to write fast and reliable
code in less time.

El 10/12/12 22:08, Daniel Foré escribió:
> Hey team,
> Got this email today from Robert Ancell (the guy behind lightdm, simple scan, and many others). Would be great if you could help him out :)
> Best Regards,
> Daniel Foré
> Inicio del mensaje reenviado:
>> De: Robert Ancell <robert.ancell@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>> Fecha: 10 de diciembre de 2012 11:59:20 a.m. GMT-08:00
>> Para: "Daniel Fore" <daniel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>> Asunto: Elementary's experiences with Vala
>> Hi Daniel,
>> I'm putting together a document at Canonical in support of Vala as a good technology particularly in comparison to C/GObject or C++. Could you give me some quotes about your experiences with Vala / forward this to the appropriate people? If there are existing documents I could link to that would be fine.
>> Any help much appreciated,
>> --Robert

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