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Re: ARM enablement nearly complete; testing needed


> I've just installed the Pantheon group from the daily ppa on a Samsung ARM
> Chromebook running an Ubuntu Build..
> Everything installed fine and is running great. The only issue is the
> FBDEV xorg driver I'm using isn't rendering pantheon brilliantly. I'm going
> to switch over to the amsoc driver later today to try it out instead.

Thanks a lot for the testing, Craig!

Don't use 13.04.

Due to a qemu bug all 13.04 armhf builds relying on GTK stall and occupy
the builder forever, unless cancelled (this is why every 13.04 armhf build
shows as cancelled in daily PPA). The bug is fixed in Linaro at least, the
fix just needs to be backported to Launchpad's architecture.

Sergey "Shnatsel" Davidoff
OS architect @ elementary