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Re: [Elementary-translators] Midori has no translatable strings on Launchpad.


Eduard, please be constructive, even if you're personally frustrated.
There has been nobody actively looking into the translation setup for
months and your personal dislike of Transifex is not representative of it.
0 people working + n people complaning = infinite sadness

Somebody has to go and find out:
    Can Launchpad be made to merge translations into the Midori repository?
    Would Launchpad have to replace Transifex or could they co-exist?
    Do we have adequate translation teams in Launchpad? I've heard a ton
of complaints in the past, in particular with Dutch and German
translation teams in Launchpad.

Honestly I've got my hands full with other work and it's not like we had
no translations at all.


On 2013-01-04 11:42, Eduard Gotwig wrote:
> This decision has been taken by Christian Dywan, aka kalikiana, the
> founder of the Midori Webbrowser. 
> Midori is also part of the XFCE family, and with that, the
> translations are hosted on transifex.
> Kalikiana says it "works right now" 
> Kalikiana also said just now in IRC "that someone needs to check state
> of launchpad on merging translations"
> Original message: 
> "<kalikiana> gotwig, I've seen it but had no time to reply. you know
> the answer: transifex works right now; someone needs to check state of
> launchpad on merging translations"
> We had some discussions about that on going in the past, it seems that 
> he likes the current state, how it is managed right now. But if there
> is an alternative, like a merging system, that could work as well, I
> guess. 
> I'd like also to have more control about the Midori translations,
> because we don't have any control about that. 
> In my case, the German XFCE translator team on transifex ignores me, I
> had to resend some mails, again and again in the past. 
> It no longer makes fun, and I see no results with that.
> 2013/1/4 Alfredo Hernández <aldomann.designs@xxxxxxxxx
> <mailto:aldomann.designs@xxxxxxxxx>>
>     As said on the subject, Midori translations are not managed on
>     Launchpad.net. Why has this decision have been taken (I think it's
>     a basic piece of the system) and where can we keep on the
>     translation of the project?

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