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Re: Mirroring Elementary OS


Hello Kaleb,

There are currently no other locations for packages and ISOs other
than PPAs and SourceForge. We've been looking into using a CDN or
something like that to reduce load on Launchpad, but nothing has
materialized so far.

I wonder what is the purpose of such mirror. Launchpad's PPAs seem to
have a CDN or something like that already and the download speed seems
to be good around the globe. I'd probably set up a caching proxy
instead of a mirror, but that depends on the use case. What exactly
are you trying to achieve?

As for ISOs, rsync is useless for compressed files but you can use
zsync instead. The respective zsync metafiles can be found on
SourceForge. However, with SourceForge being the primary download
location, I can't see how an ISO mirror could be useful.

Sergey "Shnatsel" Davidoff
OS architect @ elementary