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Autovala: new program for developers


Hi all:

Several days ago, another user commented that using CMake with Vala was
quite hard and difficult.

After thinking about it, I reached the conclusion that using CMake is
quite boring and repetitive, so I said to myself: why not creating a
tool that automatically generates the CMakeLists.txt files, based on
several rules and heuristics?

The result is Autovala. It not only deduces where to put each file and
how to compile the binaries or libraries from the sources, but also
automagically finds the packages used in each project, and passes them
to the compiler. It also creates automatically the .gir and .vapi files
for libraries.

You have a longer and more precise description in the README file, in
the github repository:


It is still an alpha version, but fully usable. It still lacks some
minor things, like generating the .pc file for pkg-config, and other
things. For those I will need some help. If someone volunteers...

Enjoy it!

Nos leemos
		         RASTER    (Linux user #228804)
raster@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx              http://www.rastersoft.com

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