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Luna Post-Release


Hey everyone!

First of all, congratulations! You guys have been working super hard for
the last two years to bring something truly awesome to desktop Linux and I
think from all the amazing feedback we've received, you've definitely

You guys rock.

But obviously the big question is, "What now?"

Well I have some amazing news: feature freeze is finally over! It's time to
have a little fun again. No more nose-to-the-grind with all the bug fixing.
I myself am writing this from my extremely unstable Saucy install that will
probably crash in a few minutes for no apparent reason. And it's freaking

So my first recommendation for you guys is to upgrade yourselves. We all
know that 12.04 (and thus Luna) is aging when we're talking about
development. I don't think we've come to any official decision, but most of
us have been casually throwing around the idea that Luna +1 should release
alongside Ubuntu 14.04. We're all super excited about the latest Gtk,
Clutter, etc.

In case you didn't already know, there's a handful of suggestions for what
to work on in Luna +1 here:

But honestly, take this time to be free. You deserve it. Have fun. Give
yourself a pat on the back for how awesome you all are.

Once the dust settles on this release, we might want to talk about having
another contributor meeting in IRC to get our heads on straight and decide
on some general guidelines for Luna +1 (like a real codename, if we really
want to release with 14.04, etc)

Thanks again everyone and congratulations!

Best Regards,

Daniel Foré


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