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Re: A couple of testers running 12.04


Hi Munchor,

I tested both branches and commented in the merge proposals.
If you need to contact me about this, please mail me personally, as I
won't be notified of new comments in these reviews.


2013/8/10, David Gomes <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> I run Ubuntu 13.04 and Noise doesn't compile on it yet so I'll need
> somebody to test the following two branches on 12.04 and comment on them
> saying if they work as expected or not:
> https://code.launchpad.net/~marcus-lundgren/noise/fix-1182740/+merge/176217
> That one just test if Ctrl+N effectively changes the view.
> https://code.launchpad.net/~marcus-lundgren/noise/compilation_warnings_and_clean_up/+merge/176069
> That one is just a compile test, in other words, test if it compiles.
> You should reply to me here and also write on Launchpad if possible, thank
> you very much for your attention!
> Best regards,
> David "Munchor" Gomes