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[Merge] lp:~elementary-dev-community/pantheon-files/search-experiment into lp:pantheon-files


The proposal to merge lp:~elementary-dev-community/pantheon-files/search-experiment into lp:pantheon-files has been updated.

Description changed to:

Made a merge proposal at the request of Munchor. This isn't actually intended to be merged.

A crappy attempt at a search function for Files.

Basically, when loading a directory, filter out any files/folders that don't match the search words.

It only filters items from the current directory (won't search recursively), though this wouldn't be hard to implement.

This doesn't have any potential for further filtering (by mimetype, by date, for example). At least, it wasn't my intention.

It doesn't work with the first tab opened. Don't know why. Just close it or open a new one.

The only thing that I took care of is that you can search a dir in one tab, while you browse the same dir normally in another tab. Usually (if not searching), the directory objects would be the same for all tabs, but I took care of using separate ones for searching.

This doesn't work for Columns View.

When testing, keep in mind that the Backspace key is always handled by the Location Bar, and will take you to the parent directory when pressed.

For more details, see:
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