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Luna +1's Name and Some Other Stuff


Hey dudes (and hopefully a few dudettes these days),

First of all, congratulations to all of you on 100k+ downloads in the first
week. That is freaking killer. We're getting rave reviews and (despite bug
#1 being closed) we keep hearing from tons of people that are first-time
Linux users coming from Windows and Mac OS. If you haven't been in contact
with this positive energy yet, I encourage you to hit up youtube for an ego
boost. Now down to business!

I'm writing to announce the codename of the next elementary release:
"Wanking Wallaby"

Jk. What is this, Ubuntu?

I'm leaning strongly towards "Isis" for this one. It's short (2 syllables),
should be generally pretty easy to pronounce, etc. Isis is the egyptian
mother god of the throne, "friend of slaves, sinners, artisans, and the
downtrodden". You can read up more about her here:

Munchor says I should go full Hitler and not allow any arguments, but if
you think the name totally sucks you can definitely say that. If not, let's
go with it! (And even if so, we'll probably still go with it!)

Also, I think in general most of us think it would be the best idea to
release Isis (see, I'm already going with it) as closely as possible to
Ubuntu 14.04. We have a lot to prove about our ability to provide updates
in a timely manner and we're getting some negative feedback from
developers/nerds about our 12.04 base. So let's address that and make sure
that elementary is the best open platform for both users and developers
(and I guess nerds too).

Cody is currently working on updating Congrego to spit out some super
bleeding edge Saucy-based builds. If any of you are already on Saucy, you
know how broken Pantheon currently is. Indicators and Plugs are huge
problems that we need to address. We're considering moving both of these
into lib peas plugins for Wingpanel and Switchboard (respectively). Any
feedback on that plan is very welcome.

In general, the first priority for Isis is going to be updating all of our
apps to compile/run with the latest libraries. You should know that Midori
with the latest webkitGTK is amazing. I'm working on porting eGtk and it's
going pretty swell. You should also know that all the fancy libaccounts
stuff is now available for someone to start playing with so we can get
sweet online integration. I believe that Clutter with the touch-related
bits is also available so that is also very exciting for those of use that
have a multi-touch trackpad available.

Anyways, let's get rolling on this cycle. We have 8 months to become even
more awesome.

For the greater glorification of our Holy Mother Isis,

Daniel Foré


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