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I Distributed elementary on the street :)


Hello guys and Girls,

First of all I'd mention that here in my
society/locality/streets/region/state linux is not quite popular (Hell,
some people doesn't even know what a linux is!), so I went out and told
them an evening :)

Two days ago I burnt 10 CD of luna and wrapped them in an envelop with two
papers in it, First one was having instructions on how to boot with this CD
and try out the live session without messing up with your computer, Full
Installation instructions if you like the deal and my email address just in
case someone need any help.
And the second paper, well, that was about why windows sucks and why you
should immediately ditch it (*No, I'm not sorry*).

Then I went out and start looking for people who potentially owns a
computer, well, you can easily find out by their backpack, job ID cards,
gadgets and things like that, and it really doesn't hurt either if you ask
politely. anyways, I managed to convince 10 peoples to at least try this '*
thing*' and handed them the CDs I had.

It was fun explaining about Elementary and how awesome it is, so after
coming back to home I burnt another 25 CDs and the same thing another day.

and today I distributed another 12 CDs and till now I've got a lot of
emails from people saying thanks. Some of them asked for a little help as
well to which I replied promptly.

All in all, It was an awesome venture and I guess I'm gonna get out again
tomorrow and find out some more guys for another 8 CDs I have here with me.

And I think you too can do it, anywhere, anytime and with anyone you like :D

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