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External Calendar integration



Hello everyone,
It's done, I've started to port Maya to Saucy and the work with
evolution-server is really better with the updated version !
I've added some extra to Maya, It is now possible to add the support for
other calendar source via LibPeas plugins
I've done some example with the CalDAV support and also the Google
Calendar support (finally…)
Some work reamains but it's a major step forward to a real calendar app.
For example the calendar edition and deletion are not implemented yet,
and there are some work to do to have it integrated with Ubuntu Online
Accounts (should be easy because everything is already here in the
evolution-server library).
I'll continue the work and hope to deliver a full calendaring experience
this week-end.
Have a nice Week-end,
Corentin "tintou" Noël 

P.S: http://imagebin.org/269249 [1] 

[1] http://imagebin.org/269249

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