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On compiler warnings


Hey guys,

I've had a look at what our programs output at build time, and turns out
the build output consists of a mix of from gcc and valac warnings, so it's
hard to make out which error comes from which compiler. To make matters
worse, the build output is dominated by "Building some_long_filename -with
-a -terribly -long -list -of -parameters" lines that successfully obscure
any kind of warnings.

It seems you have to look really hard to see any useful compiler warnings.
Obviously, this is not how compiler warnings to be presented to be useful.

Is there any way to separate the warnings from the progress messages and
print it, say, in the end of the build process? I believe this would
enhance readability immensely.

I hear that GCC warnings can be safely ignored in Vala programs, but I
couldn't google up ay prooflinks on that point. Does anybody have any
insight on this point? FYI, GCC warnings (as opposed to valac ones) seem to
make up more than half of warnings in many of our projects.

If they can be safely ignored, perhaps it's a good idea to suppress them in
CMake. If GCC warnings are actually important, it could help if we
separated them from valac ones.


Sergey "Shnatsel" Davidoff
OS architect @ elementary

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