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Re: Bake Build System


Julien, thanks for stepping up to investigate Bake. It had to be done :)

I believe migrating to Bake would be very beneficial since it lowers the
entry barrier and lets developers focus on code. I'd like to hear from
developers on the matter, though.

I do have some gripes with the current state of Bake (e.g.
https://bugs.launchpad.net/bake/+bug/1225637), but does look eaier and
better suted for most of our use cases than CMake even in its current form.

Off the top of my head, its built-in .deb package generation is very basic
and incomplete, just like CMake's one. In other words, it will always be
incomplete and buggy if Bake continues to try to do it on its own.
It should instead call upon debhelper that will do the heavy lifting. It
seems the work on this is already started:
But we can properly package Bake-powered apps and make daily builds of them
with waaay less hacks than it would be required for e.g. WAF even until
debhelper support is added.
Sergey "Shnatsel" Davidoff
OS architect @ elementary