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Re: Ideas for extending elementary os


Daniel that is incorrect. Feature requests are tracked in launchpad. That is why there is a "wishlist" priority level and why a report can be marked as "opinion" or "won't fix". 

This is not open for discussion. It is not appropriate to spam the mailing list with your wishlist. Please follow the appropriate and established methods for reporting wishlist items. 


Daniel Foré

On Fri, Dec 20, 2013 at 12:20 AM, Daniel Schöni <dschoeni51@xxxxxxxxx>

> i saw that some things are already listed in the bugtracker and as
> blueprints, but they shouldn't really be there.
> features and feature-wishes are not bugs and feature-wishes also are not
> blueprints. at the moment it looks like everything is mixed together!
> to say it in one sentence: the "structure" of the informations on launchpad
> are a mess.
> there should definitely be something like a "developer guide" which defines
> what a bug, a blueprint and a feature-wish is and how to handle them.
> something like this ( only an example and very incomplete ;-) ):
> Bug:
>     If there is a function who don't work, don't work as expected or causes
> a crash you should create an entry in the bug-list.
> Feature-Wishes:
>     if you want a new feature for the project you should add it to the
> feature-wish-list.
> Process:
>     1.  a new feature-wish gets added to the list
>     2.  do we really need this feature?
>             YES:
>                 Assign ticket to someone
>             NO:
>                 Close the ticket
> Blueprint:
>     Blueprints are documentations of processes, functions or architecture.
> they can describe how things work at the moment or should work in the
> future.
> etc. pp.
> At the moment, everyone post things somewhere he thinks its alright (me
> included) because no one really knows where to put the things in. The answer
> "please put the feature-wishlist in the bugtracker" is the best indication
> for a bad workflow!
> Please take this as a suggestion not a censure.
> greets
> Daniel
> 2013/12/19 Daniel Foré <daniel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>> Hey Daniel,
>> This list is used for developers to coordinate their efforts. If you're
>> working on one of these projects and looking for assistance, please feel
>> free to use this list as appropriate.
>> However this is not the place to post a wishlist. As David pointed out, we
>> use launchpad.net to track bug reports and plan new features. Some of the
>> things you've listed are already being tracked on launchpad.
>> Thanks for understanding.
>> Cheers,
>> Daniel Foré
>> elementaryos.org
>> On Thu, Dec 19, 2013 at 5:03 AM, Daniel Schöni <dschoeni51@xxxxxxxxx>wrote:
>>> Hello together
>>> I want to share my ideas for extending elementary os.
>>> 1. Shortcut-Definitions
>>> Keyboard-Shortcuts should be defined in the HIG. All Applications should
>>> have the same shortcuts for the same actions (create, open, close element
>>> etc.). A non-conform shortcut should be handled as a bug.
>>> 2. New Applications
>>> There are some applications who are not part of elementary os and
>>> definitely should be a part of:
>>>         * Task-Manager
>>>         * Office-Suite (I know, a long-term-goal)
>>> There are some application who are not part of elementary os and would be
>>> good extensions:
>>>         * Development IDE
>>>         * Ebook Reader
>>>         * Note-taking application like Tomboy
>>> 3. New Features
>>>     Noise:
>>>         * Internet-Radio
>>>     Geary:
>>>         * RSS-Feeds
>>> Every application who can share objects with other devices (smartphones
>>> etc.) should have a sync-feature. (Geary, Friends, Calendar, Noise,
>>> MoviePlayer, Shotwell).
>>> just adding my two cents ;-)
>>> greets
>>> Daniel