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We're now on gee-0.8 (AKA "Let the build failures begin!")


Hey guys,

So I got sick of waiting and merged gee-0.8 conversion branch into Granite,
all the outstanding gee-0.8 conversion merge requests listed in
In addition I made all relevant daily build recipes Trusty-only, as per
Rico's advice.

This change should fix builds for everything that's been converted to
gee-0.8 prior to Granite (e.g. Scratch) and break builds for everything
still dependent on the deprecated gee-1.0 since it cannot co-exist with
gee-0.8 in one project. If you get weird "`Gee' already contains a
definition for <X>" errors, you should switch to gee-0.8.

I think I might have broken daily builds for Wingpanel since I don't
understand the situation with its branches - it's
builds to PPA but I've merged the branch to development focus, i.e.
only has a disabled recipe for Luna. So which branch should I have
merged this Trusty-only code in?

Sergey "Shnatsel" Davidoff

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