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Hey everyone,

As you've probably noticed, many of us are spending more and more time
interacting on G+ and Launchpad only and less time on IRC, the ML, etc.
This is because IRC and the ML suck and it's 2014 where we want to share
things in a way that isn't totally lame. Plus our workflow on launchpad is
pretty locked in so it's easier to get all the right people involved on a
MR, through a bug report, a blueprint, etc.

That isn't to say that we're not using IRC or the ML anymore, but if you're
wondering why they are much quieter, now you know. So if you're not
following the elementary community on G+, you should definitely do that.
And if you have email notifications turned off for launchpad, you should
create some mail filters instead.

Personally, I'm much more inclined to share things that are more-or-less
private on G+ than to post here just because I know we have a lot of
non-devs that listen in here (especially press. Sorry dudes). But on the
other end of the spectrum, it makes non-private stuff much more available
to non-devs and I think should be more effective in terms of attracting new

So, as that stupid image that went around on facebook however long ago
said, "We've moved to Google+".

Best Regards,

Daniel Foré


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