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Re: elementary's path forward for application containment and security.


I guess what I do not understand is how the application gets the data by executing the command. What I see in that implementation is simply a return of a command to run with an existing file as an argument, instead of a way to retrieve a new file.

The difference is that the former says "I have a <type>, what can I do with it?" while the latter says "I want to do something with a <type>, how/where can I get one?".

El Tue, 18 de Mar 2014 a las 8:45 PM, Akshay Shekher <voldyman666@xxxxxxxxx> escribió:
The earlier implementation IIRC worked in the following way.

App -> contractor [give me a list if programs that handle file type x]

<- [program a b ... ..]

App asks the user to select one or selects one itself and

App -> Contractor [program Id x, for file/uri y]

<-  [command string]

App executes this using execv or something similar.

The '->' is for dbus function calls and '<-' for return.
Dbus is just a protocol for doing interprocess communication so a program/script can use contractor if it can use dbus.

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