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Re: Translation Freeze?



we are currently only in a soft feature-freeze but i think we can start to flag certain applications as "safe-for-translations" to make the life of the translator-teams easier.

I'll bug cody/dan/etc. what they think about that and then we will see further.


Raphael Isemann

Am Di, 12. Aug, 2014 um 11:38 schrieb MinSik CHO <mscho527@xxxxxxxxx>:
Hi. This is MinSik CHO, the admin of elementary os Korean translator’s team. Since Freya Beta has been released out, we are planning to trigger concentrated work on completing the translation for Freya. Is there any fixed translation freeze date? (I’m afraid there may not be, as there isn’t deadlines for elementary OS itself) Also, could someone update the python code that generates html page about the completeness of translation? It was very useful in keeping our translation organized.
MinSik CHO
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