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[Disclaimer: I sent this exact email to shotwell-list, and the it has been
pointed out to me that it is probably better suited for this ML, since, I
learn, Shotwell will be maintained by the Elementary team in the future]

Hi, I'm Tobia, from Italy.
I'm studying for my BS in CS, have previously worked for a couple of
companies - mainly web portals and stuff - and was a GSOC student for the
ScummVM project last year.
I think Shotwell is an important piece of software and looks interesting to
hack on, I'd like to contribute a little in my spare time.
Disclaimer: I'm no ace, my purpouse would be in no small part to get some
exercise and learn stuff.

I've started with attacking this one (really simple) ticket to get my feet
wet - you can find the link to the proposed patch in the comments:

Is there anything you can suggest?
Interesting tickets to try and fix, IRC channels and pages to keep an eye
on, suggestions?


Tobia Tesan
"We took a perfectly useless psychopath like Valentine, and turned him
 into a successful executive. And during the same time, we turned an
 honest, hard-working man into a violent, deranged, would-be killer!"
        -- Trading Places