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Re: Hello :)


You need to know Vala, this tutorial is a good start if you already know a other imperative programming language: https://wiki.gnome.org/Projects/Vala/Tutorial

You also need to build the applications and get the source, this is usually done like that:

1.     bzr branch lp:pantheon-terminal

Now you have the source of the terminal app in a "pantheon-terminal" subfolder. Look around at https://launchpad.net/elementary to view all projects. They all have a "lp:XYZ" address that is usually similiar to the project name, so has scratch "lp:scratch" and so on.

2.     sudo apt-get build-dep pantheon-terminal

This installs all necessary libraries to compile pantheon-terminal

3.    mkdir build && cd build && cmake .. && make

You have to run this in the source directory that the "bzr branch XYZ" from step 1 created

Now you have a self-compiled pantheon-terminal. Launch the "pantheon-terminal" binary in the build-directory to run it. If you now change any vala-source in the downloaded directory and you rerun the command No. 3, the binary gets recompiled with your changed.

Just a quick overview as i don't know how much you already know :)

- Raphael

Am Di, 9. Dez, 2014 um 8:33 schrieb Daniel Maksymow <maksymowd@xxxxxxxxx>:
I want to ask about some introduction materials for beginners in elementaryos dev

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