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Re: What's up with the 18 proposed member for the spanish translator team???


Hi Eduard,

Spanish not only has been consistently one of the languages with the widest
translation coverage in elementary, but also one that has maintained a
pretty high quality.  I'm a little bit at a loss with your emotional
reaction as I fail to visualize the serious problem that you're trying to
solve.  Let me share the group mission and membership guidelines which have
been posted since day one:

 "The group seeks to facilitate complete, accurate and timely translation
of the operating system and programs."

"If you want to join the group, actively contribute high-quality
translations. When you can credit good experience, ask to join."

Many of the users that have applied have no Launchpad karma at all, have
minimal translation karma or have made limited contributions to Spanish
translations in elementary so far.   That mere fact makes me wonder if they
have enough command of the language (the membership guideline is
conveniently written in Spanish) or have the attention to detail that one
would expect from a translator to achieve the team mission.  As membership
is not to be taken as a popularity contest, I'd be interested in
understanding how that policy is affecting the quality and quantity of the
Spanish translations so far.

Last, no Launchpad member has to tolerate written abuse from any other
member. So I'd suggest you modulate your communication style.  You may want
to review the code of conduct you signed in the past. Thanks.


On Sun, Oct 21, 2012 at 3:09 AM, Eduard Gotwig <eduardgotwig@xxxxxxxxx>wrote:

> Hey,
> I just want to say that I am really angry, about what I see in the spanish
> translator team.
> https://launchpad.net/~elementary-l10n-es
> Around 18 members are proposed, for already around 4 months!
> I, as part of the management team for elementary Translators, am angry
> about that.
> If you don't react now, I am going to deprecate this team.
> Than we should think about making a new one, with better team structures.
> Greetings, Eduard Gotwig