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[Question #188754]: cannot view or support epoptes clients


New question #188754 on Epoptes:

Couldn't find a documentation that is going deeper into this, so I guess this here would be the best place to ask:

I installed epoptes following <installation page> and <fat-client usage>. Everything worked fine and my first test revealed like expected. But from second test on, the usable clients only show up as <fat-client>-icons in gui not renewing the screen shots anymore. Any action on the client like showing a sent screen from server or rebooting the client etc. work fine. But viewing or supporting the client's screen on the server doesn't work at all. Broadcasting orders calling these actions are just ignored . . .

The watching user is indeed a part of the epoptes group. I could not find any further information about how to handle this problem, but most probably this has something to do with tuning the server, because it doesn't matter what fat-client or standalone is tried to be supported.

Additionally anybody is welcome to give a hint where to start the ltsp-client best. Gnome's <startprograms> or the <rc.local>-file don't seem to be the right places for that as they don't work as expected. On top of that the <ltsp-client -c> order has to be run after every reboot to get the Server's key. I tried to do it once in chroot to accomplish the action but that doesn't work. 

The epoptes version in use is 0.4.2, the one being installed by the ppa mentioned on the installation page.

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