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Re: [Question #191794]: Is there any chance for RHEL support?


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Alkis Georgopoulos proposed the following answer:
The upstream Epoptes developers are using Debian and Ubuntu.
We do want to support any and all distributions, but we can't invest the necessary time to learn their specific needs and packaging policies.

So as with any upstream project, distro maintainers need to step up and contribute patches that will make Epoptes work with their distros.
A Debian developer joined the team and helps wth the Debian packaging, and an Ubuntu developer helps with the Ubuntu-specific bits.

At one point a RHEL user tried to make Epoptes run in his system. We
helped him do it, and we modified theupstream code to avoid parts that
didn't work on RHEL (e.g. lsb functions, dpkg -l etc). But he had no
packaging skills, so he couldn't make a package out of the result.

So, we do welcome any related patches, and we're willing to cooperate
with any distro maintainers, but we can't invest the time to become
maintainers for all distros.

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