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Re: [Question #249850]: Could not show miniatures in epoptes server


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Fotis Tsamis proposed the following answer:
Hello Javier,

We understand what you are saying, but it is indeed a bug with Lubuntu,
not with Epoptes. The part of epoptes running in the clients is called
epoptes-client, and is running both as root in the client computer when
it boots, and as user, for each user logged in in the client.

Now, Lubuntu has the aforementioned bug, that ignores every application
that wants to autostart through /etc/xdg/autostart when a user logs in
(e.g. try locking your screen, on the server, it won't work). This is
the path that epoptes-client is using too, so you end up not having the
user epoptes-client running, and that's why you don't see any

As a possible workaround, please try the following steps and let us know
if it works:

If you only have standalone clients create a file on them /usr/share/upstart/sessions/epoptes-client.conf with the following contents (try it in one client first to see if it's working):
description "Epoptes client service (upstart)"

start on desktop-start
exec /usr/sbin/epoptes-client

IF you have LTSP clients too, you'll need to repeat the above step on the server, and after you save it, run:
sudo ltsp-update-image -c /

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