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Re: [Question #252939]: Send Message Function Not Working


Question #252939 on Epoptes changed:

    Status: Open => Needs information

Fotis Tsamis requested more information:
By "it just keeps the window looking the same" you mean that the Send
message dialog doesn't even close when you click 'Send'?

If that is the case it sounds pretty strange since i just tested it
under the same distro, epoptes version and it works as it should. It is
even stranger that you don't get anything on the epoptes command output.
I will need to investigate it further. Please provide us with your

If when you click the "Send" button, the Send message dialog closes but the clients receive no message please try the following:
On a client where epoptes-client is running, open a terminal and execute epoptes-client (/usr/sbin/epoptes-client). This will close the user instance of epoptes-client and open a new one, so you can see the output. Try to send a message from Epoptes and see if there is any output on the epoptes-client terminal window.


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