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[Question #253198]: : unable to install it


New question #253198 on Epoptes:

I'm tryng to install 0.5.7-1 version due to problem with LDAP users. 

I'm using Debian 7 which install instead 0.5.6-1 instead so I try to install newer version with dpkg.

The installation of epoptes_0.5.7-1_all.deb works ok without trouble using a well known method to install a deb and fix the dep.:

sudo dpkg -i epoptes_0.5.7-1_all.deb
sudo apt-get -f install  

But the installation of epoptes-client_0.5.7-1_all.deb there is nothing to do:

sudo ltsp-chroot -m -a i386 dpkg -i /tmp/epoptes-client_0.5.7-1_all.deb
sudo  ltsp-chroot -m -a i386 apt-get -f install  

The command "apt-get -f install" instead t fix dep. removes the previous. installed package!

Then I tried to use gdebi:

sudo ltsp-chroot -m gdebi /tmp/epoptes-client_0.5.7-1_all.deb

Now the dependecies are fixed (it install and config required pkgs) but at the end of whole process it says:

 epoptes-client dipende da python:any.
Si sono verificati degli errori nell'elaborazione:

Instead python is installed in chrooted fat client os.  Then I launch:

sudo  ltsp-chroot -m -a i386 apt-get -f install  

but again it removes epoptes-client

Here it is 'dpkg --get-selections | grep python" launched within the chroot:

dpkg --get-selections | grep  python

krosspython					install
libboost-python1.49.0		install
libpython2.7					install
python						install
python-apt					install
python-apt-common			install
python-aptdaemon			install
python-aptdaemon.gtk3widgets		install
python-aptdaemon.pkcompat			install
python-avogadro				install
python-cairo					install
python-chardet				install
python-cups					install
python-cupshelpers			install
python-daemon				install
python-dbus					install
python-dbus-dev				install
python-debian				install
python-debianbts			install
python-defer				install
python-fpconst				install
python-gconf				install
python-gdbm				install
python-gi					install
python-glade2				install
python-gnome2				install
python-gnupginterface		install
python-gobject				install
python-gobject-2			install
python-gtk2					install
python-httplib2				install
python-imaging				install
python-kde4					install
python-libxml2				install
python-lockfile				install
python-minimal				install
python-mlt5					install
python-notify				install
python-numpy				install
python-openssl				install
python-packagekit			install
python-pam					install
python-pexpect				install
python-pkg-resources		install
python-pmw					install
python-pyalsa				install
python-pycurl				install
python-pygame				install
python-pygoocanvas			install
python-pylibacl				install
python-pyorbit				install
python-pysqlite2				install
python-pyxattr				install
python-qt4					install
python-renderpm			install
python-reportbug			install
python-reportlab				install
python-reportlab-accel		install
python-serial				install
python-sip					install
python-soappy				install
python-software-properties	install
python-sqlalchemy			install
python-sqlalchemy-ext		install
python-support				install
python-tk					install
python-twisted-bin			install
python-twisted-core			install
python-uno					install
python-vte					install
python-xapian				install
python-xdg					install
python-zope.interface		install
python2.7					install
python2.7-minimal			install

Any hint about how I can install this deb?

Thanks in advance

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