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Re: [Question #272486]: updating and got message ...kept back: epoptes epoptes-client


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Alkis Georgopoulos proposed the following answer:
Hi David,

`sudo apt-get upgrade` is the "wrong" command to run. It means "update
any packages but don't install any new dependencies" they might have.
This can cause partial upgrades and leave the system in a suboptimal

The correct command is `sudo apt-get dist-upgrade`. This ensures that a complete update is made, and allows epoptes e.g. to install the new python-netifaces it needs to fix WOL issues.
That is what the graphical update-manager does as well, for people not using the console to upgrade.

`apt-get dist-upgrade` is to get normal updates and is not to be
confused with `do-release-upgrade`, which does distro upgrades from e.g.
12.04 to 14.04.

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