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[Question #273563]: teacher with restricted rights


New question #273563 on Epoptes:

We use ltsp with epoptes with over 100 LTSP fatclients for 70 Teachers and 800 students.

as far as I know with epoptes I have two possibilities :
1) I am not a member of the epoptes group:
Every "teacher" can see and interact my screen

2) I am a member of the epoptes group:
I can see all others but cannot bee seen by any other member of the epoptes group
I have ultimate right on all machines with cat 1 users.

I would like to have a restricted teacher in between.
this restricted teacher is able to use the supervising epoptes functions on all machines in the same "room",
but not on the whole network.

At the moment it happens quite often that a teacher selects "found clients" instead of his room 
and presses "lock" to get his students attention, but locks all ltsp machines on the entire network.

If a "restricted teacher" could only see the PCs listed in the "room" he sits in, this and lots of related problems
would be solved.

Is there a way to realize this?

Thanks for your help

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