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[Bug 1501747] Re: unble to launch Assist/Monitor when using vncviewer from tigervnc


Please go ahead and commit the patch attached earlier to fix epoptes on
openSUSE, I am unable to find the clean way to detect vncviewer on
Fedora/rh clones as there is nothing common that we could use to detect

See content of the rpm package:



SUSE, Fedora/RH clones do not have any other vncviewer available, the
new patch attached would be ideal if you are happy to drop support for
other non-default vncviewers.

** Patch added: "Patch that works for SUSE and RH clones"

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  unble to launch Assist/Monitor when using vncviewer from tigervnc

Status in Epoptes:

Bug description:
  vncviewer from tigervnc requires launching like xvnc4viewer, so may be
  test to find out which   vncviewer binary is used before launching it
  would be better.

  On openSUSE there is /usr/bin/vncviewer-tigervnc actual binary and
  /usr/bin/vncviewer is link to /etc/alternatives/vncviewer. On suse the
  attached patch would work, however it does not solve issue with other
  distributions that install vncviewer binary which is from tigervnc.

  For example on CentOS /usr/bin/vncviewer is actual binary provided by
  tigervnc. Only way I could discover if the binary comes from tigervnc
  is like this::

  if  grep TigerVNC /usr/bin/vncviewer; then
        echo  "this is vncviewer-tigervnc, using vnc4viewer parameters"
  elif grep TightVNC  /usr/bin/vncviewer; then
       echo "this is TightVNC vncviewer, using old school parameters to launch"
      echo "unknown vncviewer, using .... parameters to launch"

  Don't know python equal of this.

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