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Re: [Question #284584]: First-time Epoptes User (How do I set this thing up?)


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Andrew Plett confirmed that the question is solved:
Thank you Alkis. I was able to get it to work!
I did change the name of my computer to epoptes-server simply because it is easy to remember. 
But, I see now that that is not necessary.

I am going to post my procedure for anyone else who might need it:

Setting up Epoptes for school computer lab management

Setting up the Server:
For the host machine, I would recommend changing the computer name to “epoptes-server” (This is not necessary, but it is easy to remember)

Then Install epoptes on the server (the teacher’s computer).
sudo apt-get install epoptes

Add a user type:
sudo gpasswd -a username epoptes

To change a computer name:
Open a terminal and type
sudo nano /etc/hostname
press enter
You should be able to see the previous hostname (computer name)
After changing the computer name, press ctrl-o to save and then press Enter
Then press ctrl-x to exit the editor

Now type: sudo nano /etc/hosts
then press enter
then go to the second line and and change your computer name to the name that you changed it to in the previous step (ex. “epoptes-server”).
You will have to restart your system to complete the changes

Now, in the client computers you can open a terminal and type
ping epoptes-server.local
This will tell you whether or not the client computer can find the server.
I also like to change the names of the client computers.
You can do this by repeating the steps above on each of your client computers. This makes it easy in a lab setting to keep all of the computers straight.

Client Computers
Now you are ready to install epoptes on the client computers.
Open a terminal and type:
sudo apt-get install epoptes-client
When it asks to continue type:
Press Enter when it asks to continue.
after epoptes installs, you will have to tell the client computer where to find the server.
So, in a terminal type:
sudo nano /etc/default/epoptes-client
this will open up an editor. Replace the line that says #SERVER=server
(remember to delete the # at the beginning of the line.)
press Ctrl-o to save
press enter
press ctrl-x to exit the editor

Now you need to fetch the epoptes certificate on the client:
sudo epoptes-client -c
Then you should restart the client:
sudo reboot

You will need to repeat this on all of the client computers.

The above worked for me. I hope it helps someone else.

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