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[Bug 1549467] Re: Standalone client is not showing in epoptes


Google says it's possible to assign a MAC address to a tun interface,
but since it's not there by default (as tun operates on level 3),
sure, let's fallback to the first MAC address found as you proposed.

I wanted to prefer the one that epoptes is using to connect to the server, because if we select the "first" one, it might not be the same between reboots of the same client, confusing the epoptes UI user.
Another idea could be to *sort* the available MAC addresses before selecting the first one of them...

Thanks again Alek, fix committed in

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  Standalone client is not showing in epoptes

Status in Epoptes:
  Fix Committed

Bug description:

  I have two clients ( and
  Systems is almost identical Lubuntu 14.04 except that one box is also a router.

  I do epoptes-client from both clients with the same output:
   * Epoptes-client connecting to
  Command line is not complete. Try option "help"

  Also on the server I run: netstat -tp | grep 789
  tcp        0      0 ts.ad.aris-omsk.ru:789     ESTABLISHED 26304/python    
  tcp        0      0 ts.ad.aris-omsk.ru:789     ESTABLISHED 26304/python    

  Client appears  in epoptes console, client
  does not whatever I do.

  I'm sorry. I don't know how to debug this. Could you help me please.

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