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[Question #402911]: Raspberry berryterminal clients names


New question #402911 on Epoptes:

I use Epoptes in a classroom with 30 Raspberrys and berryterminal, splitted in 2 servers Ubuntu 14.04, without chroot, LXDE desktop (epoptes is 0.5.7-1 trusty)
The teacher is a Raspberry client too, and now sees the 2 servers clients after copying public / private keys.
In Epoptes I sort screenshots by user names, and I would like to sort them by hostnames, but they all have the same name (berryterminal). I tried to change some names in clients themselves (clientxx instead of berryterminal) but Epoptes gives to all clients the name of the 1st connected (either berryterminal either clientxx).
On the other hand Epoptes often doesn't detect 2 or 3 clients randomly.
Can you help me?

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